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A Set of Three Westley Richards Round Action Sidelock 20g Guns.

We all see plenty of pairs of guns as we visit the gun shows and gun shops but a set of 3 matching guns is a pretty rare item in the best gun world. Why you might ask would anyone buying a best gun need 3 guns, do they shoot 3 at a time? The answer is no, the third gun is actually a spare. Things break and that is just a fact, Ferrari's break, Rolls Royce's break, super yachts break and jets break, if something works it breaks and guns are included in this fact.

A set of 3 Westley Richards sidelock 20g shotguns.

So the scenario is that you are on your prized grouse moor on August 12th, a predicted days bag of 500 brace to double guns. Driven grouse is fast, exhilarating game shooting at its very best, they have always said you don't know how many friends you have until you own a grouse moor. It is the King of Sport and the most desirable of all shooting invites!

In the midst of the hectic return drive a cartridge jams or some other problem occurs, your loader pulls out the spare gun and you don't even notice there is a problem, the shooting continues uninterrupted. Three perfectly identical guns in weight, balance and trigger pulls. It sort of makes sense if you have invested millions in your grouse moor!

A set of 3 Westley Richards sidelock 20g shotguns.

A set of 3 Westley Richards sidelock 20g shotguns.

A set of 3 Westley Richards 20g sidelocks would cost £172,500.00 and last a few generations, a 500 brace day of grouse shooting to 8 guns would cost £100,800.00 and last about 8 hours!


  • Vance Daigle on February 18, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Simon if time is permitting would you please expand on just what type of hunt that is. Sadly it is the first time that I have heard of this. It sounds very exciting!!! Thank you Sir.

    In Christ

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