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Westley Richards | Sidelock Shotguns | Sporting Guns & Rifles | Westley Richards - Guns

Sidelock Shotguns

Sidelock shotgun

20, 16 & 12 Bore

Prices from POA

Refined combinations

We are frequently asked if we build sidelock shotguns, as most people associate Westley Richards with the hand detachable lock gun. The answer is that we most certainly do build sidelock guns for those customers who prefer that design. Our signature sidelock shotgun is available in 12, 16 and 20 gauge and is a combination of the best London patterns – bar action locks with interceptors, assisted opening and true round-body action, all of which we have refined in Birmingham.


Skill, dexterity and accomplishment

Double gunning, or shooting with a pair of sporting guns, is an increasingly popular feature of the shooting scene in the UK, Europe and occasionally further afield. The effective use of two shotguns requires great skill, dexterity and accomplishment. For that reason, we are always happy to talk to customers about ordering pairs of guns. Even if you don’t require the use of two guns all of the time, owning a pair of guns can be a reassuring insurance policy. Should a mishap befall one of the pair whilst in the field, you can always rely on its twin to allow you to continue shooting with a gun that is entirely familiar in both handling and feel.


Largest canvas for engraving

For those customers who are especially fond of having their sporting guns more ornately engraved, we have found the sidelock shotgun provides the largest canvas for this. The sleek lines of our round body gun only adds beauty, and we take great pleasure in collaborating with the client to draft that unique, once-in-a-lifetime design, and then utilising one of our specialist engravers to execute the design, the results we feel are always spectacular.