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Westley Richards

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Westley Richards U.S. Agency

+1 850 677 3688

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Shotguns Make Description Price Location
Holland & Holland 20g Pair of 28g Royal Deluxe $135,000.00 US
Ivo Fabbri 20g 20g Over/Under Terzi Engraved $150,000.00 US
J. Purdey & Sons 12g Pair of 12g Hammerless Ejector Guns $95,000.00 US
Westley Richards 12g Westley Richards 12g Hand Detachable Lock Shotgun Reserved UK
J. Dickson & Son 12g 12g Round Action Game Gun $19,500.00 US
Abbiatico y Salvinelli 28g 28g "Castore" Self-Cocking Hammer Gun $21,500.00 US
J. Purdey & Sons 20g 20g SLE Ken Hunt Engraved SOLD US
Holland & Holland 10g 10g Under Lever Hammer Gun $6,000.00 US
Winchester 12g 12g Model 21 Hammerless Shotgun $4,500.00 US
Perazzi 20g 20g MX8 $11,500.00 US
L.C. Smith 20g 20g No. 2E Grade $8,000.00 US
J. Purdey & Sons 12g 12g Sidelock Ejector Game Gun $40,000.00 US
CSMC 16g 16g Model 21 Two Barrel Set $20,000.00 US
J. MacNaughton 28g 28g Two Barrel Set Hammer Gun $13,500.00 US
E. J. Churchill 20g 20g Premiere Grade XXV SLE $25,000.00 US
F. E. Malin 20g 20g Victoria Grade SLE $13,000.00 US
Westley Richards 12g 12g Sidelock Ejector £25,000.00 UK
Perazzi 12g MX12 SCO 12g £18,950.00 UK
William Powell & Son 20g 20g Boxlock Non-Ejector Reserved UK
WW. Greener 8g 8g Treble Wedge Fast Grade 3 Wildfowl Gun $22,500.00 US
Boss & Co. 12g 12g Single Trigger Sidelock Ejector £22,500.00 UK
Westley Richards 20g 20g Best Quality Sidelock Ejector $40,000.00 US
Ferlib 12g 12g F VII Boxlock Ejector SOLD US
Arrieta 20g 20g Model 57E $4,250.00 US
Westley Richards 12g Highest Quality 12g Droplock $20,000.00 US
Westley Richards 12g Best Quality 12g Droplock $25,000.00 US
Hunter Arms Hunter Arms 20g LC Smith 2 E $8,500.00 US
Westley Richards 12g Composed Pair of 12g Hand Detachable Lock Shotguns $27,000.00 US
J. Purdey & Sons 12g 12g Over/Under Two Barrel Set $65,000.00 US
B.E. Chaplin 12g & 20g Pairs of 20g and 12g Boxlock Ejectors $30,000.00 US