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Westley Richards

Gun and Rifle Makers

Hand detachable lock (droplock) shotgun

4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 28, & .410 Gauge

Prices from £64,500

Ingenious simplicity

Proficiency and hard-won skill play a huge part in the enjoyment of any sport, and keen bird shooters take particular pride in performing well in the field. To match the beauty and agility of a chosen quarry, hunters must have confidence, not only in their own abilities but in the gun they carry. Since its introduction in 1897, the Westley Richards hand detachable lock design has won countless plaudits over the years for strength and reliability through ingenious simplicity and design.


“Droplocks are the reason why Westley Richards is the most influential English gunmaker ever to offer a legitimate alternative to the London sidelock.”

Douglas Tate,
Shooting Sportsman, July/August 2012

Trustworthy companion

The success of your hunting depends on the reliability of your gun. The Westley Richards hand detachable lock ensures you have a trustworthy companion when you most need it. The hand detachable locks themselves are very simple with only six component parts – lock plate, cocking lifter, hammer, mainspring, sear and sear spring. If you take the locks out for cleaning or to disable your gun while in transit, they are impossible to put back into the gun incorrectly.


The pefect sporting gun

Whether in a favourite woodcock covert or shooting grouse on a rain-swept Scottish moor, the hand detachable lock gun allows you to insert replacement locks in seconds, and without tools, in the unlikely event of a problem; a feature that can literally save the day. You can also quickly dry out and protect a rain-soaked gun or remove the locks for total security when transporting your firearm. Elegance of line combined with simplicity and reliability – the perfect sporting gun.


“No other gunmaker has been as creative and inventive as Westley Richards, and often their patents outperformed and outlasted all others.”

Ross Seyfried,
Gun writer, 2015