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Trigger's Safari Packing List

Ask one person how to prepare for safari and you will get quite different advice to that which might come from another. We asked managing director ‘Trigger’ about his approach to the subject, since he has hunted in Africa more times than most and has a wealth of experience to help inform his choices.

Surprisingly, top of his list we found the very modern concept of Apple Airtags, which he adds to key items so they may be found quickly and easily, if misplaced or stolen. With that in mind Westley Richards will soon be launching a leather AirTag holder for all their luggage, watch this space.

For clothing, Trigger uses a mental ‘Feet-to-Head’ checklist so that he doesn’t neglect anything.

On any safari, your feet are probably the most likely to give grief if not well catered for. So, wear protective, comfortable boots, like the Courteney Selous and team them with good-quality, wicking socks and gaiters to keep the debris out.



Take boots you have worn plenty of times and know are comfortable and socks which are new but not out-of the-packet new; wear and wash them once or twice so they are familiar.

After a hard day's trekking through the bush, your feet will be tired and hot and you will want to wash them and change into fresh socks and a comfortable, light, camp shoe for the evening, so they can recover.

Long trousers give protection, shorts keep you cooler, so pack one pair of each, along with a belt that will serve either. Another belt to carry sufficient rounds of ammunition for the day should be added, along with any ammunition wallets to be mounted on it.



The same goes for shirts; a long sleeve safari shirt and a short sleeve polo style give good options. Likewise, a proper safari hat shades you from the sun but the convenience of a ball cap can be more suitable in thick cover. Your neck can get burned so a good scarf or snood will be a useful addition.


“When I am packing for my safaris, I always plan from feet to head”
Trigger - Westley Richards Managing Director


After your feet, your eyes will take high priority for protection and comfort, so take two pairs of sunglasses and put them in hard cases. For cold mornings in a hide, for travel and for cool evenings around the fire, the Hide Jacket is perfect, or the Pathfinder Gilet, if temperatures are not expected to drop quite so much.

As a daily top-layer, the Bushveld safari jacket is ideal and a pair of Shooting Gloves will protect against sun and flies without being too hot.



The Courteney Rucksack is an ideal day pack and it should be stuffed with a few essentials like ‘Skin So Soft’, which is the best tsetse repellent, a bore snake, some extra rounds, wet wipes,  a small medical kit, sun tan lotion and mosquito spray.

A small pair of binoculars is better than a big pair.

Trigger’s one out-and-out stylistic luxury is a Faliero Sarti scarf; certainly useful but perhaps more refined and beautiful than is absolutely necessary in the bush. But why not? It turns any outfit into something special.



Remember, your clothes will be washed every day and a clean set put on your bed every afternoon. So, you do not need to take multiples of everything. Most people take 30% more than they either need or use!

Happy packing and for any further advice we are, as always, here to help and advise. Feel free to speak to a member of retail team at our Birmingham, England HQ on +44 121 333 1900 or via email on





Alongside its custom rifles, luxury travel bags and high quality country clothing, the modern Westley Richards continues a 200-year tradition of outfitting hunters and adventurers for the rigours of outdoor life. With an unrivalled heritage of safari wear, the company produces a range of luxury safari clothes for the ultimate safari packing list. Inspired by former clients Ernest Hemingway and Stewart Granger each safari jacket, hunting shirt and cargo trouser reflects Westley Richards ethos of timeless style and exceptional quality. Pair a rugged safari shirt and safari shorts with some world famous Courteney boots and a classic safari hat.

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