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The Millerain Edge

British Millerain first made inroads into military outfitting in 1897, when its khaki drill fabric was used in the construction of  uniforms for soldiers of the British Indian Army. It was first worn during the Malakand uprising on the Northwest Frontier and thereafter khaki became increasingly prevalent in British army uniforms.

The transfer to khaki drill from scarlet wool tunics was partly an acknowledgement of the benefits of camouflage to a fighting force not acting en-masse, in drilled ranks.

As camouflage has changed in style and hue over the decades, so too has the cloth produced by British Millerain for a range of outdoor applications.

The Bishop Bag in British Millerain Camo

The company, now under its sixth generation of management, is the original manufacturer of waxed cotton textiles. Based in Lancashire, British Millerain now produces a range of tough outdoor fabrics, ideally suited to the luggage an outfitter like Westley Richards creates, for customers unlikely to settle for second-best.

Our classic Sutherland Bag is available with British Millerain camouflage as the predominant fabric, teamed with robust saddlery leather, hand stitched to create a uniquely stylish, hard-wearing and practical, go-anywhere travel bag.

The Sutherland Bag in British Millerain Camo

Like the quality hides we employ in our construction, this classic fabric wears hard and ages gracefully, becoming more characterful with the passing of time and the completion of adventures.

The Millerain camouflage print of light khaki, with dark and light greens, smudged into a disruptive pattern, is distinctive and makes for a statement piece of luggage, different enough to draw admiring gazes in transit yet blending into the scenery on safari or in camp.

Officers on campaign back in 1897 would shop for their personal equipment at top outfitters, buying military-pattern kit made from better materials and to the highest standards. That tradition is represented today with the fusion of Westley Richards and British Millerain.

It is one of our best-loved combinations.


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