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The Latest Offerings From The Gunroom

Here are a selection of pre-owned guns which have recently arrived in the gunroom. They are due to go on the used gun site shortly.

John T. Cook & Sons' Pistols-6473-Edit

Firstly we have a stunning Westley Richards 12g Heronshaw completed in 1934. In total original condition, the 25” barrels have original proofs, good wall thickness with 2 1/2" chambers and are choked 1/4 and extra full. The double trigger Anson & Deeley action features Westley snap lever work, automatic game safe and is fully engraved with bold scroll and retains a good amount of case colour. The straight hand stock measures 14 1/4" to centre with a slim heel plate and silver escutcheon. The splinter forend has an ebony tip and Deeley catch. The gun weighs 6lbs 3oz and is in superb original condition and comes in its lightweight leather case with accessories. A lovely, fast shooting gun that has seen almost no use for the last 30 years.

WR #01875-6484-EditWR #01875-6491-EditWR #01875-5833-EditWR #01875-5835-Edit

If short barrels aren’t your thing, then this 30” barreled Westley Richards boxlock ejector with a 15 3/4" length of pull might be more up your street! Built for Sir F. Menzies and completed in December of 1939, the fixed lock, Anson & Deeley action features two triggers, Westley snap lever work, automatic beetle back safety, scroll engraving and retains some nice case colours. The 30” barrels feature our model ‘C’ dolls head extension, has 2 1/2" chambers and is choked improved cylinder and 1/2. The gun was reproofed in London in 1982. The handsome, straight hand stock measures 15 3/4" to centre which includes a 1 3/8” wooden extension and gold oval. The splinter forend features a horn tip and Deeley catch. Weighing 6lbs 9oz this is an ideal ‘high bird’ gun ready for the fast approaching season.

WR #T10704-5849-Edit WR #T10704-5845-Edit WR #T10704-5841-EditWR #T10704-5827-Edit-2 WR #T10704-5831-Edit

The third gun we have to offer is a Westley Richards 12g ‘Centenary Model’ boxlock ejector. This gun is due to go through the workshops to have some barrel improvements and a reproof test. The centenary model was a fixed lock action with a tang top lever, patent one trigger and deluxe scroll engraving. It was offered as an affordable gun for people who wanted our one trigger but couldn’t justify the expense of a best quality droplock gun. This boxlock has 28” barrels with 2 1/2” chambers, choked improved cylinder and 1/2. The straight hand stock measures 13 3/4” to centre and has chequered side panels with fleur-de-lis drop points, the forend features the Anson push rod rather than the Deeley catch. The gun weighs 6lbs 8oz and comes in a leather case.

WR #9736-6493-EditWR #9736-6499-Edit WR #9736-6498-Edit46

Something aside from the boxlock shotguns are these great percussion pocket pistols made by John T. Cook of New Street, Birmingham. Beautifully made with 1 7/8” octagonal screw off barrels, elaborate scroll engraving, clam shell panels, dolphin head hammers, folding triggers, thumb safety and chequered handles with grip caps with traps. They are neatly presented in the original box with their powder flask, turnscrew, barrel key, oil bottle, shot mold and it even includes some percussion caps and lead shot. They are neat pair of 19th century pistols that would complement anyone’s gunroom, office or home.

John T. Cook & Sons' Pistols-6478-Edit John T. Cook & Sons' Pistols-6466-Edit John T. Cook & Sons' Pistols-6455-Edit

Westley Richards are and always have been very active dealers in the pre-owned gun market and we take great pride in selling fine sporting guns and rifles to hunters and collectors all around the world. We happily welcome expressions of interest whether you're looking to buy or sell a quality used gun or rifle. For UK enquiries, please email or if in the USA,


  • Peter Buckley. on July 17, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    Dear Ricky

    Thank you for taking the time to post the latest offerings!

    Some time ago now Simon posed the question to case or not to case, he came down on the side of having a gun cased, that argument certainly proves itself with these particular guns, they definitely show themselves off really well in their original cases.
    My personal choice would be the "Centenary" Gun, the engraving just does it for me, and the single trigger, well why not!
    I'm sure most enthusiastic gun people will love the percussion pocket pistols just to have lying around, I have an odd one around just to handle now and then, nothing special but takes one back to another era.

    Best regards. Peter.

    • Peter Buckley. on July 18, 2017 at 2:50 pm


      I was thinking about the cases that these fine guns are housed in, in an old post I remember Simon said that he could spot a Westley Richards case from a distance, never did ask him quite how he could do that, what were the telltale signs?
      I did speak to him about the lining colour in a particular case, and on seeing various cases recently I now realise that Westley's used more than one shade of green, along with other colours in their cased sets!
      I'm very interested in not just the guns and rifles but all the accessories and cases that go to make a 'great gun' even better!
      Could this "interest" create a new "post" in the future, I would love to know more on this topic? (does this make me an anorak).

      Best regards. Peter.

      • Trigger on July 21, 2017 at 8:17 am

        Hi Peter

        Yes this does make you an anorak! However, good blog for the future I agree. The old Westley cases have a pinned edge all the way around the carcase, twin locating locks either side of the main push nozzle lock. Nice cases and you can spot them easily at a show. The interior was nearly always green, either baize or velvet for the luxury guns.

        All the best


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