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Hand Carved Thumb Sticks - Your Companion in the Field.

Stick making is a widely practised art in England, walking and thumb sticks of all kinds are made by craftsman all over the country, each individual maker with a particular style and price point. The county and country shows have demonstrations on technique and it is obviously a satisfying pastime to go out for a walk, harvest the stick and turn it with some hours work into something of use.

Hand Carved Sticks WestleyRichards (1 of 1)

My favourites, and the small group I have put together are from this maker who is at the top of his game and carves each stick with individual game, dogs with immense care and attention. They are almost too nice to take in the field and certainly some of them have protrusions that make it difficult to warrant doing so, they are actually remarkably tough though.

These are not an item for the web store as very limited in availability. They do however make a very special gift which is why I am showing them here on The Explora to what I feel is a limited audience. For anybody interested in getting one of these as a special Christmas gift please let me know and I will see if we cannot deliver in time.


  • Vance Daigle on October 10, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    To my Sweet Beautiful and Lovely Bride.......I want a shooting stick for Christmas!!!!!! They are wonderful!!!!!! I wonder if she is going to get the hint???? HAHA!!!!!

    Oh and by the way-one of those funny hats also. Love you Sweetheart!!!
    Way to go Simon..

    In Christ

  • Tim Wilkes on October 10, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    Actually my companion in the field is my shooting stick! Quite different from a walking stick or thumb stick, I know - and much lazier too!

    My shooting stick was a 21st birthday present. It has a leather seat (replaced once) and a sprung leg which gives it a degree of springiness that is not always welcome when used to lean on.

    However, when I take my peg, settle my cartridge bag by it, withdraw my gun from its slip and then sit down upon it, I feel very relaxed and ready to face the coming birds. As the first birds appear I stand and as often as not the seat falls back. But it has been my constant companion on driven shoots for over 40 years; I used to use it when I was running rifle ranges in the Army as well, so its been used a great deal.


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