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Westley Richards

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Blog Post Featured Image

A Tanzanian Safari Album 2014

The Hunting cars prepare to depart camp.

Safari, Westley RichardsZeroing the Westley Richards .416 at the start of the Safari.

Safari, Westley Richards, zero riflesThe Safari party block their ears during zeroing.

Westley Richards, Land Cruiser, Safari

The hunting vehicle setting off with 'dung burner' at full steam for the Tsetse fly. The slow burning elephant dung is a great deterrent for the flies.

Safari, Hunting, Westley Richards, Tanbzania

The Game Scout is the last in line on the game trail.

Safari, Resting, Westley RichardsTracker Mwaipasi wishes I had sling swivels on my Westley Richards .500 double!

Westley Richards, Safari, Tanzania

The hunt continues.

Safari, Westley RichardsDressing out the Hartebeest.

Westley Richards, Safari,Digging holes for the rear wheels of the hunting truck in preparation for loading the mornings bag.

Safari, Westley Richards, HuntingLoading the bag.

Safari, Picnic Time, TanzaniaThe midday rendezvous for picnic lunch in the bush, always a good time to catch up on the mornings events.

Danny McCallum, Safari, Westley Richards.Professional Hunter Danny McCallum considers the afternoon plan.


Game Scout Edward preparing lunch of Reedbuck stew for the hunting staff.

L1001486 Enjoying the stew!

Water, River Bed, Safari,TanzaniaOn a dry riverbed, a water hole is dug to fill canteens. 

L1002094Masai tracker Lerotet spotting for game.

L1001263Mwaipasi looking for movement in the far distance.

Westley Richards, On Safari,

Mwaipasi had obviously stolen his wife's umbrella when he left for the bush and the forthcoming rainy season, he posed proudly under it!

L1001374Edward the Game Scout looking tired towards days end.

L1000556Not tired enough to pose for a picture though!

L1000395-EditThe hunt staff's camp

Safari, Westley Richards, TanzaniaSunset at Lukwati North Game Reserve.

Westley Richards, Rungwa River, sunset,

Sunset on the Rungwa River.


  • john morris on October 1, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    Fantastic images Simon!!! Good thing you had one surviving Leica.

    • Simon Clode on October 1, 2014 at 11:32 pm

      Thank You, I thought you would be in Africa following KG's latest hunt!!


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