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A Stunning Pair Of Westley Richards Elaborate Scroll Droplock 12g Shotguns

It seems at present that we are having a real glut on guns and rifles returning from the Westley Richards stable of engravers. With each new gun or rifle comes a different style of engraving and what really impresses us now is how hard the engravers are working to raise the bar on the execution and style.

The engravers are now appreciating the work that goes into building each one of our guns and rifles and they are keen not to let down the gunmakers who are putting in so much effort in the first place. This combination is really paying off and continues to emphasise the high standards set by all those involved with the company.

WR Engraving #20166-7 (1 of 4)

What is becoming more evident is how truly 'bespoke' Westley Richards is becoming. Our aim now is to build individually and uniquely for every client and that nothing we do is of the 'norm'. Looking back at the guns and rifles in recent weeks with the exception of this matched pair all of them have variations in the build and execution, sometimes subtle, often quite significant. Whilst from a manufacturing point of view this can be at times slow going, it is far more inspirational for the gunmakers, engravers and more importantly the clients. At the end of the day we aim to please!

WR Engraving #20166-7 (2 of 4)

The pair of guns shown here are engraved with a beautiful floral and scroll design that was in fact inspired by a single barrel muzzle loading gun built by the company over 150 years ago. In this modern instance the engraver has re-designed the pattern to work with double barrel hammerless guns adding carved elements and gold lettering to create a very elegant coverage. Of course such work does take time, but as they say 'you can never rush quality'.

WR Engraving #20166-7 (3 of 4)


  • Vance Daigle on February 8, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Good Day Trigger,

    It is becoming embrassing for me, as I always say that the guns you are showing appear to be my favorite. That said I can truly say that these are some of the finest fences I have seen on one of your recent shotguns!! I love the depth of the engraving and...Well hell everything about this pair, I can hardly wait to see the finished pair. Thanks for showing these guns to us WR fans Trigger!!! They are always a pleasure to look at. Be well!!!

    In Christ

  • Larry on February 9, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    Indeed this is a beautiful pair!!! I love this bold work. As Vance said above, I feel the same in that every time a new example is posted, it's my favorite. Keep up the good work as always; I can't wait to see this pair stocked!

  • Peter Buckley. on February 12, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    Dear Trigger,

    Again and again Westley Richards keep producing superb guns, every time you post another gun it's so different than its predecessor, sometimes perhaps like yourself I struggle to keep up with this constant diversity of 'truly bespoke' outstanding guns!!

    What does seem to be constant is the choice of scroll back to the action, which to me allows the timber to flow and blend into the action creating a marriage of quality and beauty.

    I wonder sometimes if other 'bespoke' gunmakers are keeping pace with 'Westley's quality' I haven't got the time to waste looking.

    Fantastic pair, superb quality.

    Kind Regards. Peter.

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