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Winchester .22 LR Shot Only Model 61 Smooth Bore | WR Used Guns

Winchester .22 LR Shot Only Model 61 Smooth Bore

Serial Number 52xxx



Winchester Model 61 Hammerless pump action repeater chambered for .22 LR Shot Only. 

In 1938 Trap Shooter Fred Routledge developed a counter bored barrel using a standard 24" Winchester Model 61. The "Routledge Bore" had 10 1/2" of smooth starting at the chamber with a bore diameter of .217" that opened up to 13 1/2"
of smooth bore with a bore diameter measuring .375”. Winchester made approx. 75 Model 61's with this type of barrel. 

By 1940 Winchester developed its own counter bore barrel design to avoid paying royalties to Mr. Routledge. The new Winchester Counter Bore barrel had 16" of smooth bore measuring .217" and only 8" of the larger bore size, and with a bore diameter of .265”.

This rifle was made in 1940 and features a matted receiver like a Model 42 or Model 12 shotgun, and the 24" Winchester Counter Bored barrel has a single steel bead at the muzzle.

The Original stock has a checkered steel butt plate, smooth pistol grip and grooved forend. 

Rifle stock has darkened over the years, but has about 80% original varnish on the stock and 85% blue with what appears to be some cold blue applied in a few small spots. Barrel's rust blue shows a few small specs of surface rust but are consistent with the condition of the rest of the rifle. The bore is bright and smooth and gun is sound mechanically.

A rare, early model Smooth Bore Model 61. 


Location US
Make Winchester
Calibre/Gauge .22
Weight 5lbs 14oz