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W. R. & Co. Open Ammunition Wallet. By Gary Duffey.

Like most hunters and outdoors folks I am somewhat of a gear nut, but in a traditional sense. I like leather, waxed cotton, and wool that have a more traditional design.

The Explora, Westley Richards, Leather

Sometime in the mid 90’s at the Dallas Safari Club Convention I noticed these small ammo carriers in the Westley Richards booth described as ‘W.R. & Co. Open Ammunition Wallet’. I bought all that were left and have purchased more over the years and now have them for all of the cartridge ranges. They are very secure and very minimalist is design. I particularly like to carry them in a shirt pocket or the side pockets of cargo shorts, pants, or jacket. They work well to segregate ammunition as well, i.e. soft point from solid in a bag or backpack. They are not much bigger than the ammunition when filled and hold it separated and dead quiet.

If you are hunting dangerous game your extra ammunition is on your belt most likely and that is probably the place for it. If you have a light or medium rifle along this is a great way to carry extra for it and the heavier rifle also.

Having access to a couple of large properties, and lots of targets, I always have a bolt action .223 with me (or something else, but always something). I developed two loads for this particular rifle: a heavier soft point striking at point of aim at 100 yards and a lighter hollow point load sighted +1.0” at 100 yards. This rifle serves as a Pig and Coyote rifle with that slightly heavier soft point for a neck shot and the magazine is loaded with the lighter HP’s for shots at crows, for which I am unable to resist. The crows are very unhappy with this setup. I use these wallets to segregate these two different purposed loads and they are available in different leather colors so that makes separating even more convenient.
They are the most inexpensive leather item among all the leather products offered by W-R and are extremely practical. In this instance and for this purpose, less is more. The only two negatives with these are that if you give one to a friend they will only want more, if you lay them down unattended, your best friend will steal them.

The Westley Richards Pocket Wallets can be seen online here.


  • Mark Audino on December 23, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    Could not agree more. Years ago I started acquiring several such W.R. wallets and cartridge carriers in various forms, and various of them did another 8 hunts with me this year. They are the most functional in the category, and make the task of carrying cartridges during a hunt simple, quiet and accessible beyond comparison. Moreover, their enduring quality lends a particularly satisfying sensation when handling and just gazing at them. I don't know how many admirers I encountered actually went forward to buy some of them for themselves after admiring mine. But, if they did, I have a sense the leather needed to make them would cover a runway.

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