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Unique Westley Richards Two Barrel Set Rook & Rabbit Rifle

It seems of late we have had a run of single barrel rifles through our hands and once again we appear to have unearthed a very unusual and nice little gem. Westley Richards is a name synonymous with the Anson & Deeley hammerless action (boxlock) and so it comes as no surprise that single shot rifles were built onto a suitable 'company' action.

The majority of actions available in single barrel rifle format appear to be in the wonderful 'Rook & Rabbit' calibre's that came into vogue at the beginning of the last century. Anson & Deeley boxlocks in these miniature calibres were certainly more prevalent than the falling block designs offered by Westley Richards at the time and they remain some of the most refined single shots of there type.

This particular rifle in .300 Sherwood has all the hallmarks of a very best Westley Richards boxlock rifle and appears unique in that it has an additional .410 barrel, the whole package original and complete in its makers case. Personally it really cannot get much better!

This rifle has Westley Richards signature 'scroll back' action as found on all of todays 'best' double droplock shotguns and the majority of double rifles. The wide top lever, jockey cap safety button and distinctive trigger profile are other instantly recognisable features of a Westley Richards.

The action profile and barrel breech end were kept very clean due to the fact that the extractor and ejector system were contained within the barrel flat. Other makers had theirs more visible on the outside.

The action retains virtually all of its original case colour hardening and has wonderfully scaled scroll engraving, with Westley Richards signature 'name in banner'.
This page from Westley Richards 'Centenary' catalogue clearly shows the hammerless action, which was only available in 'best' quality. An interchangeable barrel was offered in 32, 28 or .410 bore. How many 2 barrel sets were actually ever built and remain in collections today remains unknown.
Compared to the cleaning rod and a turnscrew you can gauge just how narrow the boxlock action is.
Westley Richards signature wide pivoting top lever, jockey cap safety button and triangle trade mark are instantly recognisable features.



  • Cyrus Partington on April 27, 2022 at 6:06 am

    Love the Explora link. Wonderful products and great reading, very well done!

  • Charles A. Huettner on May 6, 2022 at 4:42 pm

    WOW!! A great combo! would love to have one!

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