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Personalised Leather Gifts for Christmas.

Coming from a man who does his Christmas shopping on the afternoon of the 24th December, this post may seem a bit 'rich'! The purpose though is to remind our customers that our in house production here at Westley Richards is very small, with most items being made to order.  As such, the months before Christmas become very busy and late shoppers are often disappointed. So this is a post to help you earn some bonus points on Christmas Day!

Leather Initials on leather goods at Westley Richards.

Nothing shows you actually thought about a present more than having it actually made for someone, initialed, so it is actually theirs and not something you yourself actually wanted and would slowly manoeuvre into your hunting wardrobe.

With our range of fonts and colour foils we are able to initial every item we make in the factory and every product is available in a diverse range of leathers or canvas-leather combination.

To encourage your early consideration we are offering free initialing for 30 days on any item in our leather range and If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask, as we undertake many bespoke commissions in exotic skins and also customers own tanned game skins.

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 The Sutherland

Anson The Anson

Lyell The Lyell

W. R. & Co. Explora Rucksack The Explora

The Bishop


  • vancedaigle on October 19, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    Morning Guys,

    Funny thing Simon, after having bought my bride so many of those fancy bags from around the world, with names and prices to match. It is the Explora back pack in Buffalo that is her favorite. I would have never thought such but it is true. Thanks.... she carries it everywhere. Guys if your bride doesn't have one then it's a thought!! Apparently LV shoes and a buffalo backpack is in vogue this year...HAHA!! It is a great item Simon, well done on every level...

    In Christ

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