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My Favourite Shooting Coat - The First Model Schoffel Ptarmigan. A Classic.

My cap, coats, bags and sticks waiting for the season! 

It is funny what gets rolled into a gun deal on occasions. Recently, I took on a variety of guns and rifles, books, caps, and other things. The final item was a box of Schoffel shooting coats, their first model Ptarmigan which led to their success in the shooting field which just happened to be my favourite coat for shooting, I was as pleased to get these as the guns! The Ptarmigan has sold in its 1000's, it was designed specifically  for shooting in UK, is light, warm and waterproof with plenty of movement. In the many years since this coat was introduced no other company has made a better replacement and it is almost a 'uniform' amongst game shooters here!

The first model is the one I have always liked and continue to wear for all my shooting in UK, the colour is perfect, the trim is right and fabric handle is very nice. Like all clothing products it seems, if it gets popular cost then comes out of the make so profit goes up. They say the new models are more technical, but I have not had issue with mine.

So for the lucky few, in my opinion, we have online just 29 of these coats in random sizes, for both ladies and gents. A really great coat, new with original tags at a much reduced price than the current models! Have a look, click on the images below!

Schoffel Men'sSchoffel Women's







  • Vance Daigle on May 18, 2016 at 8:52 pm


    I will have to say this about the way you Brits dress to hunt, you guys do it with a touch of Class. I could certainly learn something about proper dressing when it comes to hunting!!!! My cap off to the British Gentleman!!!!!

    I think when I get home tonight I will ask my Bride to put this jacket on the top of my birthday List!!! Perhaps one of those flat hats on your rack also...HAHA!!!

    In Christ

  • Tim Wilkes on May 19, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Simon, like you this is my shooting jacket of choice. I remember first being shown one by an early importer of them back in around 1990. Compared to the ubiquitous oiled wax cotton Barbour or bulky tweed jackets then in vogue, the light weight, fit and technical details of the Ptarmigan were so impressive.

    I've now had mine for over fifteen years and use it not only in the field but also for country walks and popping up to the high street. It's been ripped and repaired on one shoulder, but remains a well loved bit of kit. Combined with a fleece gillet it keeps me warm and dry still. I don't have to think about it on a days shooting. Just brilliant and well done on finding a NOS batch!

    • Simon Clode on May 19, 2016 at 11:00 am

      They all went in a matter of hours!

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