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Buying Used Best Guns. A Recent Pair of Boss & Co. 12g Assisted Opening Sidelock Game Guns.

Our used gun department handles all makes of best guns. We regularly sell guns by Purdey, Holland & Holland, Boss & Co. McKay Brown and J Rigby. A common service we offer is finding a customer exactly what he is looking for. Many guns and rifles are available to go on the market when asked for, but the people who own them like to keep hold of them. This is down to the fact that over exposure can spoil a guns chances of selling. A good example of this is the Peterson collection guns in USA which have been laying exposed, highly priced and unsold for years now. My gut feeling is they will lie for many more years to come!

Pair Boss 12g (1 of 6)

Over my years at Westley Richards I have developed a very deep customer base of collectors, through this  I know where many different guns and rifles are sitting many of which are 'quietly for sale' they are awaiting a call. This pair of Boss & Co. guns are a case in point, a client wanting a good pair of English London game guns by  Holland, Purdey or Boss for high bird shooting in UK ( I am making him a pair of ours!) and I was able to offer quite quickly 2 pair of Boss guns, a 90% condition, vintage pre war pair or a recent pair I also offered and alternative, a pair of very nice 20 year old Pair of unused Purdey guns. None of these were actively on the market.

Should you have a special requirement for guns or rifles that you cannot find please do let me know as we keep a database of 'guns wanted' and can use our extensive knowledge to locate what you are looking for.

Pair Boss 12g (2 of 6)

Pair Boss 12g (3 of 6)

Pair Boss 12g (4 of 6)

Pair Boss 12g (5 of 6)

yhPair Boss 12g (6 of 6)


  • Vance Daigle on July 6, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    Morning Gentlemen,

    I want to take a moment of space to express my satisfaction and great pleasure as to the type, and tremendous quality of guns that you Simon, and Mr. McCaa (LD) your US agent have provided to me. While I have been a collector for many years, the Westley Richards Agency has taken my collecting to a whole new stratosphere. As all of us enthusiast of fine Vintage British Best guns know it's can be a very difficult search.

    As much as I would like to include some of these wonderful British Best guns in my testimony, I fear it might be seen as boasting. But using the WR agency has not only opened up my search area to the entire USA, but to the rest of the world!! I am often astonished as to the opportunities that are provided using the Westley Richards Agency.

    Every gun I have purchased has been a real pleasure. I want to express my very sincere appreciation for the continuing efforts Gentlemen. All this being said lets find a few more of those "Rusty Ole Nails" before my bank account runs dry!!!!! HAHA!!

    In Christ

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