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An Older Westley Richards Rifle Returns To The Factory

It is always nice to see when one of our guns or rifles returns back to the factory after many years of service in some distant place. They often come back bruised and battered with many a great story to tell.

The rifle illustrated here is not particularly old by our 200 year standard, having been completed in 1990 for a Swedish businessman who's passion was moose hunting. His calibre of choice was the trusted .30-06, a calibre of great versatility and with the heavier 200 grain loadings a capable calibre for Europe's heavier game.

An interesting part of this story is that the rifle was acquired by a client of ours who we recently built a .505 Gibbs bolt action rifle for. This rifle came up for sale in his native Sweden and being a Westley Richards fan he jumped at the opportunity to own it and pair it up with the .505 Gibbs. Quite a combination!

This particular rifle was engraved with a Norse theme in mind and amongst other things depicts in raised gold the former clients favourite quarry. These more unusual and very personal engravings are always nice to look at once again, even though no-one can quite remember the story behind them.

The rifle was returned to us for a gentle refurbishment of the wood, a good service and a test for accuracy with modern ammunition. We have left where possible all the original finish on the metalwork as the client (quite sensibly) wanted to maintain as much originality as possible, as much out of respect for the former owner, as for his own benefit. The wood will certainly age back nicely over time, developing its own unique patina with the odd scar to remind the client of a day (hopefully successful!) in the field.

The rifle will shortly be returning to Sweden where without question it will have the opportunity to hunt moose later in the year, a sport we are told is not for the lover of sunshine and warmth!!!!!!!

Norse theme engraving throughout the rifle.

Original wear showing on the metalwork.

Westley Richards patent combination foresight with flip over protector.

Vivid case colour hardening on the grip trap cap.


  • Neill on April 3, 2018 at 9:26 pm

    Another gem, and this time in a smaller calibre. In my very humble opinion stalking calibre rifles, being slimmer, have an elegance hard to find on larger bore big game rifles.

  • Peter Buckley. on April 5, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Hi Trigger

    Now then that’s better an ‘extremely nice’working rifle for this part of the world, love the Norse theme engraving, for me reminiscent of Celtic engravings.
    The timber is just fantastic, suites the rifle completely.
    In my mind it’s great when others admire your rifle and speak of it’s extreme beauty and virtue, but all that is second place when after all you are judged just how competent you are using it!
    On returning to Sweden I know it will continue to be put to good use for many more years.

    Kind regards


  • Nathaniel Osborn on July 18, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    Hello All,

    Quite the beautiful stalking rifle there. While not a huge fan of the engraving I am just a beholder. How ever the lines and color case harden is just out standing. I would love to know more about the scope chosen for this rifle. It does not look to be like a common scope. As someone who collects scopes and different scope mounts this one has my eye.

    Great job on the referbishment. It will easily find many more years of life and stories collected in it.


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