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A Sutherland Weekend Away

A weekend bag needs to be just that: no more, no less. Bigger is not better. A half-filled soft bag feels unsatisfactory in the hand but it also provides an excuse to over-pack. The temptation to put ‘just one more’ thing inside ‘just in case’ invariably leads to humping around a big, heavy lump, full of stuff you don’t need and it detracts from the joy of stealing away for a couple of days, unencumbered by the physical and metaphorical baggage of daily life.

The Medium Sutherland Travel Bag is perfectly designed for a care-free weekend escape. Easy to carry, easy to stow, lightweight and stylish. It is distinctively Westley Richards and exclusive enough that anybody else being identically equipped is beyond remote, wherever you go.

Available in a range of colour combinations and made to order, the medium size starts at £1625 and rises to just over two thousand, if you opt for the latest special edition in walnut suede, the Sutherland makes a statement anywhere.

Personally, I like the robust mid-tan leather version for a stylish getaway, and I would team it with a Bournbrook Wash Bag in canvas and mid-tan leather to hold all my bathroom essentials together.

Other boxes are ticked by packing a pen with the Leather Notebook in mid tan and a 5.5oz Hip Flask filled with Highland Park for emergencies or celebrations.

While at Westley Richards, it is tempting to stock up on staples for the weekend that will stand the test of time and be good for many more weekends to come.


Given that I’m away for two nights, I will travel in what I need for the day, and hopefully the evening, if it isn’t too formal. So, trousers, jacket, coat and sweater are all items I can wear and re-purpose all weekend. That being the case, I need clothes for two days and two evenings, as it is unusual for any laundry to get done on the average short trip.

British springtime being as unreliable as it is, I’ll pack a couple of Sporting Polos, which are smart enough for a club lounge on a warm afternoon and can also act as sportswear if a bit of touch rugby or tennis is on the cards.


The Shaggy Check Shirt in olive by American shirtmaker Gitman Vintage, is either smart-casual or rugged depending on whether you wear it tucked-in as a shirt or loose as an over-shirt with a T-shirt underneath.

I’d also pack a Tattersall Shirt in burgundy, which is the best check shirt on the market, in my opinion, and goes with anything. Wearing a plain white T-shirt underneath extends freshness to a second day, if necessary, which is why I always pack two or three.

Moleskin Jeans in fawn are a great all season, all-rounder, beautifully cut but equally at home worn pressed and smart or creased and muddy.

If I am travelling in my brogues, then I’ll pack something a bit more outdoorsy in case we get to tramp about on wet grass or go for a country walk, which means Courteney Vellie Boots in dark tan. These really do go anywhere but at a push can pass muster for smart casual (if you get the mud off first!).


Three pairs of Nordic Socks in charcoal make sure that wet feet won’t spoil the weekend and they don’t take up much space. Neither, for that matter, does a winter marl Cashmere Hat, which is definitely worth packing to insure against any chill winds.

A Helvellyn Gillet in military green is another warm, lightweight favourite that will pack easily and provide an extra layer of warmth if needed, or a casual alternative to a jacket should the occasion call for one.

I’m a big believer in the value of a good scarf to lift an outfit or keep out the cold and, of the current range, I especially like the Multi Watch Scarf by Faliero Sarti, so that would also go in my Sutherland.

There, perfectly packed, nothing duplicated, ready to face anything. The weekend beckons.

Westley Richards has been outfitting its clients for with fine leather goods as long as it has been building custom rifles and bespoke guns for them. Whether you are on safari in the African bush, in Paris for the weekend, or in New York on business, our heirloom quality leather luggage strikes the perfect balance between functionality, durability and timeless elegance. Made in our leather factory in Birmingham side by side with the gunmaking, the company offers a range of luxury travel bags made from leather and canvas, including holdallsbriefcasesbackpacks, messenger bags and weekend bags. The perfect partner to our high quality safari wear and country clothing.

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