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A Pair of William Powell 12g Best Quality Sidelock Game Guns

With the game season on us I am sure there are people looking for a good pair of sidelocks that won't break the bank. We have just bought in this pair of single trigger William Powell sidelock game guns made in 1926, they are their best quality guns of the period, Model No.1's.

Pair of William Powell 12g Game Guns.

The guns have 28 inch barrels and have a length of pull of 14 1/2" over the single trigger. We will be re-jointing (fitting new joint pins), refinishing the stocks and recutting the checker as well as giving a good strip and clean and test shoot. These guns are competitively priced at £9500 ($14,950) and come in original leather makers case.

Pair of William Powell 12g Game Guns.

Pair of William Powell 12g Game Guns.


  • tim wilkes on August 5, 2015 at 10:12 am

    Interesting detonating; a combination of Woodward arcade and Beesley fern leaf.

    Co-incidentally, I have shot at Ampton (though not when Sir Pierce had it!) and my game gun resides occasionally in a William Powell single case.

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