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Blog Post Featured Image

Delicate .410 Fine Scroll Westley Richards Droplock

Fresh from engraving is another of our ever popular .410 droplock shotguns. Over the years we have worked on scaling every detail on these fine little guns to such an extent that the engraving has now become an important and final element of this process.

Westley Richards traditional house scroll can trace its ancestry back to the earliest guns produced by the company. Guns of the muzzle loading era were ruled by the larger 12, 14 and 16 bore hence engraving designs were bolder with large scrolls to provide more coverage and suit the tastes of the time. With the advent of the Anson & Deeley boxlock gun design of 1875 Westley Richards 'house' engravers had the final canvas on which to perfect the companies own scroll design, one that remains the standard for the guns and rifles built today.

Interestingly, small bore guns built on scaled action frames were often the tool for boys and consequently lacked any real engraving, more often the only form of engraving was the Westley Richards name simply adorning the action sides.

Fast forward to the re-introduction of the droplock .410 in 1989 and you'll note that one of the first guns produced from the original batch of six was engraved by the renowned Brown brothers (Paul & Alan) with a beautiful bouquet (rose) and fine scroll design. Whilst game scenes also featured on this gun, the small scroll design really lifted this little gun into a new light.

Over the last couple of years, several of these modern droplock incarnations have been handed around various engravers each of whom has given their own unique twist on this beautiful design. The images which illustrate this blog shows one of the latest which you really must see in the hand to truly appreciate. Whilst it is a given that the gun is small, the delicate nature of the scroll design really does complete the refined scale of this gun.

The Westley Richards patent top lever makes a great canvas for the delicate scroll.
The 'scroll back' of the action creates a natural starting point from which the scroll can emerge and flow.
Stunning detail on the cover plate.

Whether for the discerning collector or the avid sportsman, Westley Richards firearms represent the epitome of excellence in the world of bespoke gunmaking. Known for the droplock shotgun, over and under shotgundouble barrel rifle and bolt action rifle, the company has achieved an illustrious 200 year history of innovation, craftmanship and artistry. As part of our best gun build, clients can choose from three levels of gun engraving: the house scroll; signature game scenes; and exhibition grade masterpieces. All Westley Richards sporting arms are built at their factory in Birmingham, England. Discover more about the gunmaking journey at our custom rifles and bespoke guns pages.


  • The Old Git. on July 24, 2019 at 3:50 pm


    Spotted two things wrong with this, 1) it’s beautiful, 2) it’s not mine.

    It’s absolutely fabulous! (or is that three things ?).

    The Old Git.

  • neil mcveigh on July 25, 2019 at 2:19 am

    Trigger copied this to my wife (yet again) but I am not hopeful.
    This is unbelievable stuff and the engraver can take a bow.
    Why has the 410 seen such a renaissance?It seems every second shotgun you are producing is a 410.Keep them coming please.

    • Trigger on July 25, 2019 at 2:39 am

      Hi Neil

      The .410 is really popular in the USA for the quail hunters. Our gun is built very slim and petite so great for the seasoned hunter. There is also a general scarcity of British made best quality .410's so this helps keep the market buoyant.

      All the best


  • Ken Hill on July 25, 2019 at 8:05 am


    I really like the subtle enhancements to the standard engraving pattern! What is the barrel length and targeted weight for this great .410?


    • Trigger on August 12, 2019 at 6:43 am

      Hi Ken

      Apologies for the delay on coming back to you. The gun has 28" barrels with multi chokes and weighs 4lb 14ozs.

      All the best


  • Ben Arrowmith on July 26, 2019 at 1:03 am

    Trigger a really outstanding gun, it is difficult to appreciate the diminutive size from photographs.
    The only thing i would have changed if i had been ordering this masterpiece would have been " Westley Richards" in gold above the top lever but saying that the engraving is superb.
    Certainly beats the Cooey .410 when i was a lad.

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