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Blog Post Featured Image

Two David McKay Brown 28g Over Under guns.

I had a Scottish reader moaning about the lack of Scottish guns featured on this blog. I did point out that this is an English gunmakers blog so one could probably expect a bias towards English guns and especially our own.

David McKay Brown 28g Over Under

Anyway, as a means of keeping the peace as we run up to our General elections in England, during which the Scottish National Party look to take over England, here are some shots I took in my hotel room of 2 very nice 28g Over and Under Scottish guns by David Mckay Brown which I have just picked up. Both of these guns were engraved in Italy one by Creative Arts and the other by Pedretti.

The 2 unfired guns will shortly be on our used gun site and whilst engraved in different styles the guns are consecutive numbered and have the same measurements.

David McKay Brown 28g Over Under


David McKay Brown 28g Over Under

David McKay Brown 28g Over Under

David McKay Brown 28g Over Under

David McKay Brown 28g Over Under

David McKay Brown 28g Over Under


  • jay pancotto on April 28, 2015 at 11:48 am

    dear mr. s.clode you are truly a great man,
    thank you for a wonderful and fantastic blog
    i dare say the finest blog ever.

  • jan de maas on April 28, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    mr.simon thank you soo much for sharing this fine blog
    this is a fine english blog,wonderfull yes,
    this also show the greatness of english heart
    allways warm and welcoming
    scottish people who are againts great britian are fools
    in unity lays greatness.

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