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Blog Post Featured Image

A Westley Richards .303 Hand Detachable Lock Rifle.

Rifle No. 16855 was completed in April 1913 for His Excellency Sardar Zafar. The rifle was specified with detail, I imagine by a keen sportsman who knew exactly what he wanted. The rifle has an unusual walnut extension wrapping over the top of the barrels which surrounds the express sights and tangent sight which are engraved out to 1000 yds. A WR long pattern telescope was also fitted for that extra distance! The rifle also has a special chamber in the butt to hold 5 live rounds of ammunition as well as extra wide sling swivels, single selective trigger, bolted safe and side plates.

Westley Richards, droplock, 303, vintage rifle

Elaborately engraved for the time, the rifle has 3 gold inlaid scenes and again unusually, an enamel portrait of the owner on the top lever. The top of the barrel is inscribed in gold in Farsi.

"Farmayesh-e-Hazrate-e-Sardar Zafar haj khosrow khan-e-Bakhtyari Sane-ye-1330"

which translates as:

"Ordered by (Hazrate-e-Sardar Zafar haj khosrow khan-e-Bakhtyari) Year 1330 [Islamic calendar]" equals to 1911 or 1912

The rifle shoots perfectly with modern ammunition and the only alteration made since the rifle was new was adapting the rifle to accept a more modern telescope, presumably done by an owner unable to master the 1000 yds. tangent sight!

Westley Richards, Droplock, .303, Vintage Rifle, Double rifle

Westley Richards, Gun Journal, 1913The copy of the daybook with specifications of the rifle.

Westley Richards, Enamel TopLever, portrait


Sadar Zafar


  • Ali on August 27, 2014 at 1:22 am

    Dear WR:
    As I read the scripture under the barrels that is written is Farsi, it's not Sardar Lafar, It's Sardar Zafar.
    Is the Sardar's face a painting?! May I know that which technique was used for the creating the picture of the owner?
    By the way, may I Have a closer shot from the scripture and the face of Srdar!?
    Sincerely: Ali

    • Simon Clode on August 27, 2014 at 2:06 am

      Many Thanks, I have corrected the name! I have mailed you the close up.

      The portrait on the top lever is executed in enamel.


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