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Blog Post Featured Image

A Pair of Westley Richards 20g Hand Detachable Lock Guns with single selective triggers. Engraved by Rashid Hadi.

Pairs of our 20g hand detachable lock guns come on the market very infrequently, pairs of our guns engraved by Rashid Hadi have never come on the market to date. I actually think this is the only pair that exists which are engraved in his unique and very beautiful super fine scroll.

Pair of Westley Richards 20g Droplock Shotguns

I think I have mentioned before on this blog how special it was to watch rash execute fine scroll, it was literally a joy to watch the speed and confidence with which he worked when 'on a good day'. The scroll on this pair of guns is particularly fine as you can see below, these are 20g guns and small frames, the scroll is very delicate and all perfectly shaded. I can assure you there are not many people who can execute this type of scroll with such flair and character. Rash never relied on a compass and other drawing instruments but solely by eye, penciling in a rough design and then attacking it with vigour, the engraving vice would swirl and spin rapidly when he was at his bench, the final result of the work was always so worth the wait.

I think this is a superb opportunity for someone who is considering a pair of 20's. The guns are as new, cased and priced less than our standard guns now, so the deluxe engraving by Rash, single triggers and exhibition wood all come in with the price!

The guns can be found here on our used gun site. Pair 20g Hand Detachable Lock Guns

English Fine Scroll

Pair 20g Droplock Pair 20g Droplock Guns

Pair 20g Droplock Hardi Top Levers


  • Gary Duffey on March 25, 2015 at 7:59 am

    This is, for me, about as good as it can get. Scalloped action, pair, 28", hand detachable, ability to adjust choke, Gold Name, with that fine scroll by a known and named wonderful engraver. These guns will only look better with care,age, and use. This is without question my favorite configuration!!

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