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Blog Post Featured Image

A Pair of Westley Richards 16g hand Detachable Lock game guns. Engraved by Lepinois.

Quite some time ago now I posted some photographs of these 16g guns when they arrived back from the engraver Frederique Lepinois. For some reason they missed being photographed in their completed state. It was only this week whilst we were putting the second edition of our book to bed which included the unfinished versions to illustrate the work that they were rushed up to be photographed.

Westley Richards, 16g, Droplock, Lepinois,

These guns speak for themselves, a superb, useful and underrated gauge gun, combined with truly unique engraving by a wonderful new talent!

Westley Richards, 16g, Droplock, Lepinois,

Westley Richards, 16g, Droplock, Lepinois,


  • Vance Daigle on June 25, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    Good day Simon,

    I recall these two guns very well Sir. I even wrote a comment to the wonderful young lady when these guns were posted. If my fleeting memory serves me she felt that she might not yet be a master engraver? Well these two guns certainly lifted her to that level in my opinion. they have a uniqueness, I have not seen by me on a Westley. My question is does she still do work for you...on occasion? I try to look at all the work you so graciously show on your Explora site, but I have not noticed her name? Also of what origin is this young lady? I am always interested in just what country's these engravers call there Port of call. Thank you in advance for the effort Sir...

    In Christ

    • Simon Clode on June 25, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      Vance, the engravers name is Frederique Lepinois, she is French and working in Italy. She is currently completing a set of three small bore guns for a customer of ours from Texas. Her brother Romain works here in the factory as a stocker.

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