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Westley Richards

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Westley Richards U.S. Agency

+1 850 677 3688

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Latest Additions Make Description Price Location
R. Buehler .500 Jeffery .500 Jeffery English Express Rifle $22,500.00 US
Westley Richards .470 NE Best Quality .470 3 1/4" NE Droplock Double Rifle $110,000.00 US
Kimber .300 Win Mag .300 Win. Mag. M8400 Super America $1,700.00 US
Holland & Holland 12g (2") Pair of 12 ga 2 Inch Centenary Royal Self Openers $69,500.00 US
McKay Brown 28g David McKay Brown 28g Side by Side Two Barrel Set $60,000.00 US
J. Purdey & Son 16g 16g Hammerless Ejector Two Barrel Set $35,000.00 US
Parker Bros. 410 .410 Bore AAH Upgrade by Del Grego $45,000.00 US
Winchester 16g 16g Model 21 Two Bbl Set $25,000.00 US
Westley Richards 10g 10g Highest Quality 2 Bbl Set SOLD US
Holland & Holland .500/465 .465 Bore Royal Double Rifle $70,000.00 US
Pedro Arrizabalaga 20g 20g Self-Opening Sidelock Ejector $7,500.00 US
AyA - Aguirre & Aranzabal 12g 12g No.2 SLE Shotgun SOLD US
Fabio Zanotti 20g 20g Model 625 Boxlock SOLD US
Pedro Arrizabalaga 28g 28g Model 116 Sidelock Ejector SOLD US
John Wilkes 20g 20g Anson & Deeley Field Gun $2,500.00 US
Zoli & F.lli Rizzini 28g 28g Boxlock Ejector for Abercrombie & Fitch SOLD US
G. McMillan .338 Win Mag .338 Win. Mag. Standard Grade Signature Model Bolt Action Rifle $2,500.00 US
Duane Wiebe .270 Win .270 Win Custom CZ BRNO Mauser Bolt Action $9,500.00 US
J. Rigby & Co. .350 No. 2 .350 No. 2 Second Quality Boxlock Ejector Double Rifle $32,500.00 US
G. Gibbs .450 3 1/4" .450 NE Second Quality High Velocity Double Rifle $32,000.00 US
G. Gibbs .318 .318 "Gibbs" Magazine Sporting Rifle SOLD US
Holland & Holland .375 H&H Magnum .375 Magnum Rimless Detachable Stock Bolt Action Magazine Rifle $19,000.00 US
J. Rigby & Co. .270 Win .270 Win. Best Quality Bolt Action Magazine Rifle $18,000.00 US
Abbiatico y Salvinelli 28g 28g Model 560 Sidelock Ejector $55,000.00 US
F.lli Piotti 20g 20g Model King EELL Sidelock Ejector $35,000.00 US
F.lli Piotti 28g 28g Model King EELL Sidelock Ejector $35,000.00 US
AyA - Aguirre & Aranzabal 12g 12g No. 1 DeLuxe $11,500.00 US
Charles Daly, Prussia 12g Charles Daly Prussia 12g Diamond Quality $10,500.00 US
Mauser 7x57 Mauser 7x57 Standard Diplomat $10,000.00 US
Kimber N/A Kimber 7mm 08 Rem M84 Super America SOLD US
Dakota Arms .375 Dakota Arms 375 HH Model 76 Safari Left Hand $6,000.00 US
Cooper Firearms .270 Win Cooper Firearms 270 Win Custom Classic $3,450.00 US
Beretta 28g 28g SO10 EELL $100,000.00 US
J & W. Tolley 8g J & W. Tolley, double 8-bore £6,500.00 UK
Blaser Multi Caliber R8 Luxus Multi Barrel Set $12,500.00 US
Carlo Casartelli .470 NE .470 NE "Kenya" Double Rifle $65,000.00 US
Holland & Holland 20g Pair of 28g Royal Deluxe SOLD US
Ivo Fabbri 20g 20g Over/Under Terzi Engraved SOLD US
J. Purdey & Sons 12g Pair of 12g Hammerless Ejector Guns $85,000.00 US
Duane Wiebe .375 H&H Magnum Duane Wiebe .375 HH Mag. $16,500.00 US
Abbiatico y Salvinelli 28g 28g "Castore" Self-Cocking Hammer Gun $21,500.00 US
J. Purdey & Sons 20g 20g SLE Ken Hunt Engraved SOLD US
Holland & Holland 10g 10g Under Lever Hammer Gun $6,000.00 US
Winchester 12g 12g Model 21 Hammerless Shotgun SOLD US
Winchester .22 .22 LR Super Speed Model 63 SOLD US
Perugini Visini 9.3x74R 9.3x74R "Safari" BLE Double Rifle $10,000.00 US
Westley Richards .425 WR .425 Mag. Exp. A&D Fixed Lock Double Rifle SOLD US
Holland & Holland .577 BPE Holland & Holland .577 Black Powder Double Rifle £10,000.00 UK
J. Purdey & Sons .500/465 .500/.465 NE Sidelock Ejector Double Rifle $105,000.00 US
Westley Richards 12g 12g Sidelock Ejector £25,000.00 UK
W. Greener N/A William Greener .65 Caliber Percussion Single Shot Rifle $6,500.00 US
Leonard-Mills "Salmon" Fly Reel Reel by Vom Hofe $1,100.00
A. Francotte .270 Win .270 Win. Bolt Action Rifle $12,000.00 US
Perazzi 12g MX12 SCO 12g £18,950.00 UK
William Powell & Son 20g 20g Boxlock Non-Ejector Reserved UK
Rigby .470 .470 NE Boxlock Ejector $15,000.00 US
Barry Davis Damascus and Pearl Coffin Handle Folder $3,500.00
W.D. Pease Titanium Folder $700.00
Fin-Nor No.2 “Salmon” Wedding Cake Fly Reel SOLD
Rich McDonald Stag Sporting Classics Knife of the Year $300.00
Mike Malosh 10" Camp Knife with Crown Stag $600.00
Mike Malosh 5” Hunter Crown Stag and Mosher Sheath $300.00
Mike Malosh 5" Hunter with Crown Stag $250.00
Fossil Walrus and Damacus Lock Back Folder $3,750.00
Pair of James Behring 2015 Sporting Classics Knives of the Year $800.00
Treeman 6” Skagel Pattern Hunter $1,250.00
WW. Greener 8g 8g Treble Wedge Fast Grade 3 Wildfowl Gun $22,500.00 US
Boss & Co. 12g 12g Single Trigger Sidelock Ejector £22,500.00 UK
Pair of Westley Richards 16g Holster Pistols SOLD
Westley Richards 20g 20g Best Quality Sidelock Ejector $40,000.00 US
Ferlib 12g 12g F VII Boxlock Ejector SOLD US
Winchester .270 WSM Model 70 .270 WSM Bolt Action Rifle £2,950.00 UK
Arrieta 20g 20g Model 57E SOLD US
Pair of John T. Cook Percussion Pocket Pistols £2,500.00
Westley Richards 12g Highest Quality 12g Droplock $20,000.00 US
Hunter Arms Hunter Arms 20g LC Smith 2 E SOLD US
.375 H&H Magnum Bolt Action Rifle £3,000.00
Charles Boswell .303 .303 Single Shot Rifle $19,500.00 US
9.3x74R Over & Under Double Rifle £14,995.00
Westley Richards .338 Win Mag .338 Win. Mag. Bolt Action Rifle SOLD US
J. Purdey & Sons 12g 12g Over/Under Two Barrel Set SOLD US
Westley Richards .500/465 .465 NE AD Fixed Lock Non-Ejector with Provenance $27,995.00 US