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The ICI Gun-Lock Tester.

This item is for testing the force of the blow on the striker and cartridge cap of a gun lock. Made by ICI, no doubt as an assurance that the cartridges they were supplying were getting the correct 'blow' or 'strike' from the makers gun or rifle. We have above 12g and .577 testers. A weak blow/strike to the cartridge cap will result in a misfire.

ICI Gun-Lock Tester

Instructions For Use.

(1) Insert a copper crusher between the two steel pads in the tester body.

(2) Place the tester in the gun chamber and snap off the trigger.

(3) The striker blow is satisfactory that is at least 3.5, if the crusher is shortened sufficiently to pass freely through the slot in the base of the tester body.

(4) The pad receiving the blows of hardened steel but if the striker is of correct hardness no damage should result unless too frequent tests are made. If the point of the striker is found to be flattened after the test it is probably too soft.

Contents of Box.

(1) Tester Body

(2) Three steel pads, one spare.

(3) Pad extractor

(4) Fifty copper crushers in metal container.

ICI Gun-Lock Tester results.

Please direct any questions on use to the resident expert in its use, Ken Halbert care of this blog!


  • Ian Wildig on August 13, 2020 at 8:45 am

    Hi Ken,

    This is a fascinating device and I'd love own one, it would be nice to think it could still be used and that copper crushers were still available!
    I'd also be interested to know if it's possible to obtain a modern device for testing the hammer strike force of guns, particularly shotguns.

    Many thanks and very kind regards,

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