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The CLA Game Fair to be Discontinued.

News today that the CLA Game fair has come to an end, something I have mixed emotions about. Westley Richards started attending the Fair again about 7 years ago after a very long break. Many years ago we arrived at the game fair without our tickets and passes. This was a time when we used to take a whole crew of gunmakers to demonstrate the craft. The Colonel who was running the show at the time said he was going to make us pay again 'to teach us a lesson', we said if we have to pay again we will turn around, go home and never attend again. He wasn't to be moved, so we went home and didn't return for 30 + years.

Blenhaim PalaceThe end of the CLA Gamefair

The Game Fair was a sort of institution in England, when the weather was fine it was always a nice day out, but when it rained, which it often did it was really not so nice. It had become a sort of mammoth outdoor market with discounting everywhere and I personally thought it had become a bit trashy. I will not loose any sleep about it and I think that The British Shooting Show which is held indoors in February, will now go from strength to strength, which I think it was going to do Game Fair or no Game Fair.




  • Neill Clark on September 22, 2015 at 11:33 am

    I used to be Game Fair regular, but stopped a few years back as it was loosing the country sports at the expense of becoming a craft fair, or so it seemed to me. Combine this with the traffic never being sorted, and the cost of tickets, it simply did not seem worth it.

    There are many good small fairs, Kelmarsh and the Fenland ones come to mind, and of course the Midland Game Fair. I've not tried the British Shooting Show, though was planning to go this year until I found out that the importer I specifically wanted to visit was not going.

    The one thing that will always stick in my memory though is that, at the Game Fair, you'd see loads of folk walking around carrying sleeved guns, and I never ever saw the police, it really shows that we firearms users are, sometimes, trusted.

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