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Everybody needs a Hat for Hunting.


Hunting Hat by at Westley Richards

We all wear Tweed and we all wear green, so it goes without saying that we all need something individual to make us 'stand apart' from the rest of the Tweed clad team. Yes, of course there is a huge variety of tweeds to choose from, loud tweed and quiet tweed, every tweed has a certain attitude and everybody will have a personal favourite and swear it is the very best, the most functional and appropriate, whether they blend into the landscape or stand out like a racecourse bookie.

Two items that can, and will, set you are apart are the hat on the top of your head, and the socks at the bottom of your legs. A splash of colour below and a bit of character on top. have a very nice selection of hats and caps for women and we have a new range of hunting hats from Zapf of Austria which have been very popular. Please visit our webstore for further and more comprehensive selection.

Hunting Hats at Westley Richards  Hunting Hats at Westley Richards  Hunting Hats at Westley Richards

Hunting Hats at Westley Richards  Hunting Hats at Westley Richards  Hunting Hats at Westley Richards


  • vancedaigle on August 22, 2015 at 8:46 am

    Simon ,

    I like that, while living in the South it is not practical to wear a tweed hat. but no self respecting Southerner would not have a few Sear-Sucker suits for Summer and a White brim Hat for the head, as the Sun passes real close in August. If you recall I am a very Big fan of socks with a great deal of personality. Now perhaps a colorful band for my hat, the one shown will always beg is that a fly for Redfish rod, are just a Political Statement? HAHA!!!!!
    I will most certainly sneak a peak....

    In Christ

  • Simon Clode on August 22, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    It is a lady's hat Vance so yes, it is a pretty fly..... to catch a big wallet!

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