Westley Richards

Researching your Gun

Every owner of a Westley Richards gun has an interest in answering the question "when was it made". We retain a comprehensive but not complete record of practically every sporting gun that has passed through our workshops.

In order to satisfy your curiosity the database below will provide an approximate year of manufacture for your gun. If you are unable to find a serial number we will not be able to identify the year of manufacture. If your serial number registers a date we will have more detailed information available which can be provided in our History Authentication service.

History Authentication

If you would like to receive more information, we can provide a copy from our ledgers together with a certificate of year of manufacture for £60.00 (Incl. VAT). Historical and other data is not available as part of this request, please click here to see an example certificate.

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In Pursuit of the Best Gun Second Edition

The History of the Westley Richards Firm 1812-2012. This profusely illustrated history, the first and only work of its kind on the Westley Richards firm, has received lavish praise from the shooting press. Author Jeremy Musson has written a lively and engaging account of the company's achievements and unique contribution to the development of the sporting gun. With more than 400 photographs and illustrations this is essential reading for any gun & shooting enthusiast.

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